JRS Recruiting

JRS Recruiting

The recruiting process can be a very stressful and sometimes overwhelming time. There are many decisions that have to be made and many questions that need to be answered. Many families just simply do not have the time, energy and knowledge to put towards this process. We have seen many families struggle along the way, some making good choices, but many others making the wrong ones. The Wisconsin Juniors takes pride in the experience our athletes and families have while being a part of our club and want to make sure this same feeling will continue in the years to follow club volleyball. This is why the Wisconsin Juniors developed the Juniors Recruiting Service (JRS).

The JRS was developed by the Wisconsin Juniors Staff as a way to help assist the players and families make better, more informed decisions with the recruiting process. We feel very confident and fortunate to have Evan Berg, a former five year D1 volleyball coach and D1 player, leading the direction of the JRS. He comes from a background that will be able to offer insight both from a coach and player perspective. The JRS is different from other recruiting services because we are able to work directly with the parent and player on a more personal level, making a more specific recruiting game plan for you and your daughter. If you are currently in the recruiting process or just starting, and would like more information on how we can help you, please contact Evan Berg atwijrs.evan.berg@gmail.com for more information.

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  • ”Last year, we hired JRS, lead by Evan Berg, as our daughter’s volleyball recruiting service and began meeting with them in the fall of her junior year in High school. They gave us tips and educated us on the entire recruiting process. They were attentive, extremely knowledgeable and approachable which is everything a parent needs when working with a recruiter. His honest assessment and encouragement helped us target which universities we should focus on so we did not waste time visiting schools with unrealistic expectations. His guidance and relationships with college coaches was the key to finding the perfect fit for our daughter while landing her an amazing scholarship. JRS understands the recruitment process and comprehends the mentality of college recruiting across the various division level programs. We give credit to JRS for changing our daughter’s life and highly recommend the recruitment services it has to offer.”

    Joan and Tom Crane
  • “Our daughter always wanted a scholarship to play college volleyball. When she came to Wisconsin Juniors at 17, we had the opportunity to sign on with the JRS for a recruiting package. Since it was late in her high school volleyball career, we needed to get our daughter on the collegiate radar right away. When we signed on with JRS, the recruiting process took off! They knew just what she needed- bio, skills video, contact with colleges, and more. They also informed us of the numerous options available at all the collegiate volleyball levels. But I think most importantly, they helped us see that the “fit” at the college had to be right for our child as well. They were a fantastic resource during our daughter’s recruiting process. As parents, it was reassuring to have someone help us along the path to a well informed decision about playing college volleyball. We are truly thankful for the opportunity to work with JRS and highly recommend their recruiting services.”

    Marcie Kren