Racine Juniors Volleyball Club 2016-2017 FAQ

What are the main reasons players return to the Racine Juniors?

We asked this question as much as possible during the past several years and one of the main reasons players return is the “family spirit” we provide.   Within our “family” we keep things well organized, positive, stress communication and problem solving, and emphasize hard work.  We believe these are the keys at making the Racine Juniors VBC the best club for you and your family.  Our club directors and coaches are involved for one main reason – their passion for the game of volleyball and willingness to share their knowledge.

How are team tryouts conducted?

Tryouts will take place over a number of days to ensure that the right decisions are made.   Directors and coaches will have involvement in the tryout selections.  Athletes will be tested and evaluated for their overall athletic ability and level of volleyball skill. Tryouts will be held at the Sturtevant Sportsplex (now known as the REAL School).

Can I play-up with an older age groups?

It is common in other volleyball clubs to have players with exceptional skills and ability, play up with older age teams to ensure that a player will be adequately challenged and to strengthen one of their teams.  At Racine Juniors we expect to have teams at 12-18’s with players that can compete at the regional and national level, and we do not want to strengthen one team as we weaken another.  So, in general, we do not move players up age groups within our 12-18’s teams with the rare exception of a player being so skilled that they wouldn’t be challenged within their age group — or if there is a need to fill a specific position within a team.  When this rare exception is made, the player still tries out initially with their specific age group and the decision to move them up is made by the directors.  This exception has been done extremely rarely.

Who will be picked for teams?

The coaching staff will be looking for coachable athletes who have a great work ethic and want to learn to be better players. Teams need to be balanced with potential skills sets to have depth at all positions.  Attitude, leadership, and focus are also considered.  In all cases, the coaches will consider you not only as an individual, but as part of a team.  We will do our best to place players on teams of similar skill and dedication.

Can players be moved or added to a team after initial teams are assigned?

Yes.  We prefer not to move players, but reserve the right if the need occurs based on team needs such as player talent, loss of a player, and other factors.

How many players will be on a team?

Team size is expected to be 10-11 players. However, there may be a special rare circumstance where there would be less than 10.

Is playing time guaranteed?

Yes – All players will have a role on the team they are chosen for.  Ability, attitude, position played, attendance at practices, and the level of the tournament are all factors that can play a role.  All players are given equal time at practices, but may not have equal playing time at tournaments.  If practices/tournaments are missed playing time may be reduced.

How long does the season last?

The typical season begins with tryouts in October and November, followed by the initial practices in early December.  Tournaments start in January.  Ending dates will vary depending on team.

How often do we play in tournaments and where do we play?

Depending on the level and age of the team, regional athletes will play somewhere between 6 – 11 tournament days. Travel athletes may play as many as 20 tournament dates.  Tournaments are played on either Saturday or Sunday or even both. For our regional teams, we will schedule most of our tournaments within an easy driving distance to Racine.

I play other sports; can I still play club volleyball?

Absolutely!  Racine Juniors VBC takes pride in working with their multi-sport athletes.  Racine Juniors has successful elite teams that have travel tournaments, and successful regional teams that compete locally.  Scheduling conflicts should always be taken into consideration before agreeing to a position on any team.  We will work with athletes and just ask for up front communication.  The travel teams will be competing in larger tournaments that may require missed school time.  Once you’ve committed to a team, you will be required to attend all major tournaments.  If you must miss a practice, we require that you notify your coach ahead of time.

How are travel tournaments handled?

The tournaments that each team plans to attend will be set at the beginning of the season.  Some teams will attend tournaments that require overnight lodging.  We have a travel coordinator who will make this information available to you once your child is assigned a team.  All players will be required to stay at the team designated hotel. 

How does it work when my team has officiating duties at tournaments?

Teams are required in each tournament to work some of the matches as the officiating team.  Everyone on the team is required to stay and work.  No one is to leave until the team duty is finished.

What are the fees for the season?

Please contact Kaitlyn Wilks–wilks@racinejuniors.com–for the pricing for this season.

What is covered in team fees for regional teams?

Our team fees include the following items: uniforms and back pack, warm-ups for all teams (except the 12 and 13’s age groups), local tournament entry fees, practice gym rental, coaches’ pay, administration costs, and recruiting assistance.

What is covered in team fees for travel teams?

Our national team fee includes the following items: 1 pair of spandex, 3 jerseys, warm up top, warm up pants, team back pack, local tournament entry fees, practice gym rental, team coaches, administration costs and recruiting assistance.

How are fees paid?

An initial payment is made on the team fee meeting date (this year, October 16th for 14U families; November 20th for HS aged families). The balance of team fees and travel fees will be due on a monthly basis, beginning on Jan. 15thAll future payments will be collected at the team fee/orientation meeting at the beginning of the year. These future payments will be collected one of two ways: (1) made with post-dated checks on the initial team meeting date -or- (2) by credit card via a monthly withdrawal. A 3% fee will be applied to credit card payments in order to cover the cost of the merchant service used.

  • Note: Special and/or flexible payment arrangements can be set up upon request. Such requests should be made to Jim Neave.

Are there fundraising opportunities?

Racine Juniors offers fundraising opportunities through the sale of practice t-shirt sponsorships.  Also, many teams have done their own, independent fundraising – of which the Wisconsin Juniors help support and advertise.

Do we assist players with the recruiting process?

Evan Berg is our Recruiting Director.  Evan is a former player at Ball State as well as a former college coach at U.W. Milwaukee.  Evan understands the recruiting process and will work to improve the recruiting experience for all of our players and families so that they will find a college that is a great fit, both athletically and academically.  He will give you information, guidance, and assistance in the recruiting process as he works as the main communicator between schools, players, and families.

Where are practices held?

All of our Practices will be held at the REAL School (formerly known as the Sturtevant Sports Plex) for all teams, both Girls and Boys.

How often do we practice?

Players should expect to practice 2 times a week, for 2 hours at a time. We are going to be practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays.